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journey (noun)

– a traveling from one place to another, usually taking a rather long time.

– passage or progress from one stage to another

Welcome to Living Well, a recounting and capturing of what has been and what continues to be our journey in learning to do just that: live well.

This is our space to explore our experience in eating better, moving more and thinking freely. It’s about what we’ve discovered about food, why exercise has become important to us, and how opening our minds to a continual willingness to learn and grow has changed us. We will use these categories as a framework to share what’s important to us and to open a conversation with anyone willing to join us.

This is our ambitious labor of love.

We are Dave and Linda Everly. We share 5 children and a son-in-law, a dog named Choco and a cat, Slinker, that’s afraid to walk through the living room. We work full-time, pay bills, eat, sleep and do life in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas in Northern California. On weekends you could find us on a remote mountain bike trail or in San Francisco enjoying the big city.

We love food and music and are passionate about motorcycle racing (especially MotoGP).

We’re aspiring writers. We are dreamers. We love to laugh.

We are thinkers. We are learners.

We are human.

Join us here on our journey, and share yours, too. If you are willing to participate, be mindful of others’ opinions and right to believe and live differently. Conversation and debate are welcome. If you feel the need to be right and correct others, this probably isn’t the place for you. We strive to love all and deeply value the dignity of others….this will be the guide for our discussions.

Contact us and let us know your story and your journeys.  How are you learning to be Living Well?

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