Be present, be mindful.

These are my thoughts, but read them and allow yourself to do something different today.

This struck me deeply:  before reading the rest of this post, follow this link and read this.


I’m challenged to be mindful,
to be present and
aware of each moment.

I’m challenged to learn to listen and
be OK with questions
instead of needing instant answers or
something to do.

I’m better off when alert to a
small voice inside me,
one that doesn’t compete with noise,
hash tags or
status updates.

It waits, patiently.

It is only when I am still,
in tune with the process of breathing in and
breathing out,
that I connect with it.

When otherwise occupied by my need for information,
or to relay information,
I cease to inter-be.
I become independent and
I want to be,
something or

Connected, I am alone.

I am going to use my phone less, and invest in my sense of wonder.

I’m purposefully swinging my pendulum in the other direction for a time, maybe for good.  Who knows.

Wanna join me?

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