Moving More

“It’s not dead, it’s just dormant,” she said.

We love living in Northern California.  One of the things that makes it simply amazing is the weather.  We get our fair share of rain in the winter, for sure.  But sometime around mid-May we go rain-free until around late October.  You might not like that, but we do! Plan a trip, ride our bike or motorcycle, go camping…it’s doesn’t… Read more →

It’s Time To Exercise.

Starting an exercise program is a daunting endeavor. A lot of us have tried and failed at this noble undertaking, which typically lasts a few weeks or even months.  There are dusty P90X DVDs behind your gaming console of choice on the entertainment center.  The person at the front desk of the health club asks if it’s your first time… Read more →

What Did You Do This Summer?

Hard to believe, but summer is gone.  Not according to the earth’s orbit, because that tells us we have until late September.  We’ve been forced, however, to define summer according to the calendar of our local educational institutions.  School is done for the year:  first day of summer.  First day of school for the year:  summer is done.  And where… Read more →