Daily Dose of Goodness: Vitamineral Green

I love live music.  I love to play and be in those moments.

I also love to watch and listen to live music.  One of the things that I love to do at live shows, or when watching them on TV or YouTube, is to check out the gear that is being used.  I am a gear junkie.  I want to know what mic they are singing into, what guitar they are using, what’s on the pedal board, the amp, the amp mic, etc, etc, etc.  My wish list of gear is embarrassingly lengthy.


Jason Mraz on stage with his Vitamineral Green.

About a year ago, Linda and I and some dear friends got to go see Jason Mraz live in San Jose.  It was an awesome show; he is a phenomenal talent.  Leading up to the concert I was listening to and watching as much of his music as I could.  And of course, checking out his guitars and stage rig.  I love his signature model Taylor.  I love how he uses his DL4 for some vocal effects.  He also usually has a small table on his right.  On it, there is usually a yellow travel mug-type container, and a tall glass jar with some type of green fluid.  These intrigued me and I began to research the mysterious on-stage drinks that he was consuming.  The yellow mug is still a mystery, but I found the contents of the glass jar:  Vitamineral Green (along with some other ingredients mixed in as described here).

After reading online about the benefits of Vitamineral Green, we decided to get some and give it a try.  The descriptions of the taste of this elixir were promising, but we were still wracked with trepidation.  Our assumption was that if something was this green and had this much stuff from the ocean in it, it had to taste bad.  To our surprise, it didn’t.  In fact, I liked it straight away after the first taste.  Linda wasn’t overly impressed and tried it with a bit of mango juice.  Bingo.  Good tasting good stuff.

So for about the last 9 months we have been enjoying this “daily dose of goodness” mixed with some chia seeds and a splash of mango juice.  Vitamineral-Green-2It doesn’t always work out to have some everyday, but the days we don’t are rare.  I get asked all the time:  “What is that?”  It’s strange enough to carry a big ol’ glass bottle around, but when you add a provocative green beverage to it, curiosity is piqued.

This isn’t necessarily a non-budget-affecting routine, but it’s a choice we’ve made.  Our overall sense and feeling of living well has been impacted positively by this drink.  We tried it, we liked it.  We are and feel healthier because of this concoction of goodness from land, fresh water and ocean ingredients.  There is nothing manufactured or processed, just real parts of what makes our planet work.

Give it a try.  You may just like it.  Or not.

Vitamineral Green is produced by HealthForce Nutritionals.  Check it out on their website here.  There are samples if you want to try it first.  It’s also available in tablets.

We order ours from Pure Formulas because there is always a coupon code available and they ship fast and cheap.  You’ll find it at local health food stores as well.

Green foods are good.  Just ask Popeye.  But, that’s a post for another day.


And, happy iOS7 Day!

  2 comments for “Daily Dose of Goodness: Vitamineral Green

  1. Bob
    October 2, 2013 at

    There’s something about those really green drinks that somehow don’t look very appealing to me.. I’m sure they’re good for you but, just sayin…

    • Dave
      October 2, 2013 at

      Bob, it tastes much, much better than you’d think!

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