“It’s not dead, it’s just dormant,” she said.

We love living in Northern California.  One of the things that makes it simply amazing is the weather.  We get our fair share of rain in the winter, for sure.  But sometime around mid-May we go rain-free until around late October.  You might not like that, but we do!

Dormant grasses of Northern California waiting to wake up from the coming rains.

Waiting to burst into life.

Plan a trip, ride our bike or motorcycle, go camping…it’s doesn’t matter.  It’s not going to rain.  That’s awesome.  I’ve lived in quite a few places where rain puts somewhat of a “damper” on things.  Try riding your motorcycle down an interstate in a downpour, for instance.  Never mind just getting soaked, even with rain gear.  The danger level leaps exponentially; especially with truckers blazing by at 75 miles per hour.  When we plan a summer ride now, we just go with no thought of even the slightest possibility of rain.  I like that.  A lot.

If you’ve spent any time in our lovely mecca during the dry months you’ll notice that all of the grass that isn’t irrigated is dead…brown….tumble weed.  I remember saying this to Linda one time recently and she retorted with the wisdom of the sage that she is.  Without missing a beat she said, “It’s not dead, it’s just dormant.”  That is an astonishing outlook.  It just needs some rain and some time, and it will grow.  Beautiful, lush, verdant.

So let’s make a point here.  It’s the same for you and me.  If we’re not eating well then we’re not feeling our best.  It’s not a permanent situation.  It’s just dormant.  Not exercising?  Dormant.  Stuck in negative thoughts and patterns?  The good is not dead, it’s just dormant.

green-is-lifeWater it, cultivate it.  Work at it.  It’s worth it.  For your well being, for your family.  For yourself.  Start today.  None of us get it right and we all slip back into old patterns.  Try again.  Do something different today.

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